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A Lesion of Dissent


My full length e-novel, “A Lesion of Dissent”, is available on and in any format.  You can even download it directly to your computer in PDF, no Kindle or Nook Book or IPad necessary.   I’ve provided some excerpts at

Author Karl Drobnic

Author Karl Drobnic

Images and Excerpts from “A Lesion of Dissent” .

I hope you’ll visit the link above and like the previews I’ve provided.  Then please come back here and let the world know what you think.  I’d love to hear from you.   Regards,  Karl

<== Cover, Smashwords edition

Here’s a quick synopsis of the storyline:

Sheltering in the ancient tombs of Luxor’s sacred Valley of the Kings when the Arab-Israeli “Lightening War” erupts, Sixties-protesters Paul Rhodes and Carol Lane consummate a tryst that scandalizes war-torn Egypt. Separated in the ensuing chaos, Paul escapes arrest and flees through the corrupted countries of post-colonial Africa and Asia, buffeted by the smuggling, black marketeering, and idealistic fervor that marked those nations’ passages to independence. But memories of Carol, the Berkeley Free Speecher and acid rocker of his exotic liaison, thrust him ever deeper into the turbulence of the Sixties, and impel him country by country back to the US and to a stunning confrontation with the military establishment that stands between him and the woman he loves…an epic story of love and loss in a time of turmoil.

Cover, edition <==Cover, edition

Link: Additional Images and Excerpts from A Lesion of Dissent